Wednesday, January 12, 2011


January 12th...and we are in the deep freeze. Fortunately, no ice on the ground. We did get a dusting of snow on Monday. I have much to do, much to plan, and yet I'm comforting and babying myself by not doing anything. Oh, laundry and dishes. But, I'm not stepping out there and trying to push myself by creating stepping stone goals so I can reach my dream.

I can dream and it will be a dream. But, if I take the time to create goals to make that dream come true. Then I can be responsible for making my dream come true. I think that might be it. The responsibility if I don't make it then the fault will lie with myself and lack of effort. 

Reality is, we are responsible for our happiness or disappointment on a daily basis. But, to step out there and make a dream come true well, that is pretty heavy. At least for me.........I was hoping somehow it would just happen. Guess not!

What a weiner schnitzel I am! Send me a comment and let me know how you handle the pressure of being responsible for making your dreams come true. Do you ignore them to? Do you just get "busy" with life and push aside your greater dreams? Or, do you grab them by the horns and make those stepping stone goals....?

Let me hear from you....I think the silence might be deafening.