Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life As I Know It

The guy on the left has been a part of our lives for the better part of almost 14 years. He's family and he brings me joy throughout my day. His name is Maxwell Silver Hammer and he is my favorite black child. Teddy, sitting to his left,  our right,  is a great kid too and has all the charm as well. Teddy however, is my grand dog. I love to babysit Teddy and have him stay. Max is my first love though.

Max is 91 in human age. I can remember him jumping off the boat into the lake to retrieve each of our four children. Or, when we would throw out the ski ropes he retrieved them faster than the human could. Memories are so great and make our hearts full... don't they?

Max is starting to have trouble. He is practically deaf, going blind (God love him) and has hip dysplasia. He never complains though. He is having a hard time getting up these days and sometimes when he's standing suddenly he is sitting. The hip just having gone completely out having betrayed him. God love him, he still has his dignity though he pretends that he just wanted to sit down right there. But, a little piece of my heart just breaks each time it happens.

You see, he is the best damn dog there ever was. Quite simply it is true...he's carried in groceries, shut doors, babysat kids around the swimming pool, kept lonely folks company, entertained and loved us one and all. He has kept us safe, learned to stay with Dad on a run without a leash. Max has never known a cat or dog to be a stranger and has never picked a fight.

Can you tell I'm beginning to struggle with his age and limitations? It's breaking my heart...trying hard to deal with the reality. He fools us often with no whining and the tail always wagging. God love animals, they don't whine. Wow, they don't express their agony until it's agony. Respect - I have so much respect for this puppy that I love so much.

We've baked Sand Tart Christmas Cookies today. Maxwell was right in the middle of the kitchen making sure he didn't miss a move, or a drop of food.

Wowwwww....Christmas week, old and baking and cooking still to be done. Good Lord don't forget the laundry and cleaning!

Please, now go call someone that needs you. You need them too.

Love will cure our world.......if only we will share it. Rick

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